Routable Map?

That's our interest.

We are maintaining vector source of Sri Lanka routable map which has over 35,000 roads and more than 8,000 POIs. Map is currently available for Garmin GPS devices. If you are a hiker, traveler or off road enthusiastic, you will benefit lot from this because we are more interested in developing map in rural areas. We try our best to keep the map up to date with new additions and welcome your contribution as well. Try It Now!Don’t worry it’s free

Our Effort.

Today there are many routing application and maps available, however some depend on data connection (mobile apps) and mainly most maps cover city areas, limited information available in rural areas specially attractions, trails and off-road tracks. If you look at our map, it has significant amount of POIs and tracks in national parks and remote areas.

We are gathering information from many different sources such as plotted tracks, track logs shared by other friends, tracks and POIs published in some forums and data from Open Street Maps as well.

We invite everyone to contribute to this with their track logs and waypoints; we will compile and make them available to download. Currently we have developed set of tools to pre-process and compile the map to Garmin format, however it's not fully automated and require some manual work.

Currently there are some limitation to share the vector source of the map online as it require proper toolset and infrastructure.

We are working on this as our hobby with our personal funds. However we are willing to share our work free of charge expecting others also to contribute.